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Halo 2 Anniversary: Table for Cheat Engine {Dread_Pony_Roberts}

Player Scripts

-Teleportation (comes with infinite individual coordinate saves)

-Sprint (default keyboard keybind is left shift. default controller keybind is left bumper. keybinds, sprint speed, and friction can be edited.)

-Super Jump (jump strength can be edited)

-Flight/Noclip (default keyboard keybinds are space to go up and alt to go down. default controller keybinds are a to go up and b to go down. keybinds, flight speed, and pitch control can be edited)


-No Soft/Kill Barriers

Forge Scripts

-Max Budget

Cheat Engine Scripts

-Compact Mode

-Speedhack x0.5

-Speedhack x1

-Speedhack x3


-Auto Attach


Author: Dread_Pony_Roberts

The source of information - Halo 2 Anniversary

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