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Hand of Fate 2: Table for Cheat Engine {gideon25}


- Hand of Fate 2 [Epic Store] 1.99
- Use Unlimited Platinum/Brimstone Cards in Deck
- No Card Shuffle
- Dice Roll Always 60
- Easy Pendulum Always Win (click Anywhere—Always Huge Success)
Must Use Pendulum Very Easy for Some Endless Mode Challenges (ie. Firebrand Fortress) T
- Pendulum Very Easy (Slowed Down, Wide beam)
- Easy Wheel of Fortune
- Main stats: Infinite Gold, Food, Health, and Fame
- Get Equipped Item Token/Shard at end of combat
- Combat No Health Damage
- Combat Special Attack always works (Ignores counter)
- Combat One Hit Kill (Can only pick 1: This or Combat Damage Multiplier)
- Combat Damage Multiplier
Damage Multiplier (How much to Multiply Damage by)
- Player Pointers
 -- Current Health
 -- Max Health
 -- Food
 -- Gold
 -- Fame
- Flip Cards (reveal all face down cards on board) (Numberpad O)
- Automatically Win Combat (Ctrl+C)<——May have to tap several times
- Entire Round/Challenge with All Tokens (Ctrl+R)<--May have to tap several times

Author: gideon25

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