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Hand of Fate 2: Table for Cheat Engine +19 v1.9.3 [&DLC][Steam] {gideon25}

The AOB Base option Made by (I had to fix a few offsets and I added Endless points) and the Pendulum optionMade by 
I got from two other threads. All the other options were done fresh for 1.5.4 and weren't copied over or anything.

The AOB Base is to manually edit Card health and the other card stats.
The 500 Gold&Fame,etc. option will update each card stat stated to 500 when a game action changes it.
On Getting Hit Fills Special Attack Counter during combat will max the attack counter when you get hit instead of setting it back to 0.
No weapon wear is for Endless mode. It will prevent weapon wear but won't increase the weapon damage back to full, it just stops it from decreasing.
The easy wheel of fortune (make sure it checks all three options when you choose it) will slow the wheel way down and immediately stop when you choose a card. NOTE: it will look like you chose a different card but just hit continue or accept and you will see that you will get the correct card.
Everything else should be self explanatory.

*New Options: Note:These options require pressing the hotkey(s) as they trigger an inbuilt cheat option I found.
Flip Cards (reveal all face down cards on board) (Numberpad 0)
Automatically Win Combat (Ctrl+C) -during combat press the hot key and automatically win the combat round.
Win Entire Round/Challenge with All Tokens (Ctrl+R)- Will win the entire Card round and give you all the tokens/coins,etc.
**New Option:
Get Equipped Item Token/Shard (at end of Combat) - At the end of combat if you have an weapon that has a shard or token you will get it. If it requires something like precision gambits then you will get it at the next successful gambit. The only ones it won't work for are the ones that require you to complete a scenerio or challenge before unlocking.

**ON THE 1.9.3 UPDATE I have notices the options not letting you check them until you are at a point that they will actually be used (like the combat options not being able to toggle until into combat for a few secons, etc.). Just be patient and eventually once you get them all checked they will stay that way.


Author: gideon25

Hand of Fate 2: Table for Cheat Engine +19 v1.9.3 [&DLC][Steam] {gideon25}
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