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Hardcore Mecha: Table for Cheat Engine +13 {Cielos}


- nothing could hurt you.
- works on both mech and human.

- health skill drop when being hit but you won't die.
- works on mech, not yet tested on human.

max shield
- as title says.

inf. energy
- as title says.
- works on mech, not yet tested on human.

inf. weapon energy/ammo/shell
- weapon energy/ammo amount won't drop at all.
- works on both mech and human.

instant melee cooldown
- one of the requested option.
- works as title says.
- works on both mech and human.

ignore skill points
- allows you to use the Ultimate Skill regardless of your current skill points collected.
- skill points would still reset to zero when you use the Ultimate Skill.

inf. items
- item quantity still drop until it reaches ONE when used.

ignore cash
- allows you to buy anything regardless of your current cash.
- cash still decrease until it reaches zero when you purchase stuff.

shoot in shield
- allows you shoot your primary weapon when you're holding up the shield. (game's default: you have to release the shield key before you can start shooting)

automatic primary weapon
- equipped primary weapon will become automatic. i.e., hold shoot button will shoot continuously.

primary weapon fire rate mod
- customise the fire rate of your the equipped primary weapon.
- you can change the custom rate via the entry.
- default custom rate on script activates: 0.1 (same as the firing rate of SMG).

- one of the requested option.
- enemies won't notice you in stealth mission even if you run "through" them, unless you start attacking them.

Author: Cielos

The source of information - Hardcore Mecha

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