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Haydee 2: Table for Cheat Engine + Nude mod {oyyzj}

Version: [NO STEAM] // it may work on your version or not.

PS: yes it's a cracked one. I'm sorry, but this game is crappy expensive to buy.

01. no decrease Usables [ tested: mines / gun ammo ] have atleast 2
01. no decrease Heal [ tested: Heal item ] have atleast 2
02. inf Usables [ mines / gun ammo ] have atleast 2

. Weapon ammo scan [ read description inside script ]
. Health scan [ haven't tested on enemy, i don't like play on god mode ]

PS: didn't play long have only handgun and smg right now.

.Nude mod if you are interessted
put the file into your folder \Haydee 2\Outfits and rename filetype .ct to .outfit

Author: oyyzj

The source of information - Haydee 2

DOWNLOAD (2.4 Kb) 2020-Nov-28

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