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Heavy Metal Babes: Table for Cheat Engine {Geordan9}


  • Addresses: Mapped out memory regions with editable values.
  • Scripts:
    • Battle:
      • Player Heroes Are Invincible:
        • Player Heroes Health Always Max: Makes player heroes' current HP their max HP when modified.
        • Player Heroes Don't Die On Damage Greater Than Current HP: Makes sure player heroes don't instantly die when damage dealt is greater than or equal to current HP.
      • Player Heroes No Skill Cooldown: Player heroes' skills ignore cooldown.
      • Auto Skip Skill Animation: Will act as if you instantly clicked on the skill animation to skip it. It has a potential to soft lock the game, most notably when the game lost focus (Game's fault).
      • 100% Critical Chance For Everyone: All damage from every actor in a battle is a critical.
      • 100% Chance Hero Drops: All hero drops have a 100% chance to drop after a battle.
        • Hero Drops (Game Config): Quick access to hero drop values in memory and setup to be more simplistic.
      • Custom Max Hero Slot Selector: Allows more heroes to be selected for a mission. If heroes are not present in battle, they will still receive XP when completed. (5 is recommended)
      • Force Mission Special Features Type: Allows you to specify the mission's special features. For example, setting it to undefined to bypass mission hero restrictions.
      • Custom Battle Speed Incrementor: Allow the battle speed to be incremented by 1 up to a custom max value. (12 is recommended)
      • Force AutoPlay from Settings: Makes the autoplay feature act like a normal battle so, if it's on, it'll be on when any battle starts.
    • Shop:
      • Multiple Item Purchasing: Allows market items to not get locked when purchased or to be unlocked when reloading the market menu.
      • Shop Ignore Purchase Prompt: Allows you to purchase an item in the market without displaying confirmation. This applies to viewing nanochip information.
      • Shop Ignore Successful Purchase Essentials Prompt: Allows you to purchase an item in the essentials shop without displaying a thanks modal.
    • Missions:
      • Quick Loot Without 3 Stars: Allows you to quick loot on missions that don't have 3 stars and will complete the mission with 3 stars.
      • Pseudo Never Played Special Mission: Acts as if you never played a special mission. This allows you to continue playing it infinitely.
      • Access Locked Special Missions: Allows you to click and open a special mission that is locked.
      • Show All Crystal Special Missions: Forces all special missions that give crystals to be shown in the special missions panel.
    • Event:
      • Force Minimap Event Play Index: Allow the replay-ability of events, specifically involving battles, by specifying an index for which battle to play.
      • Force Events Open: Overrides time left in events so it always acts as they're available.
      • Show All Events: Any applicable event to show in the event menu will be shown.
    • Fuse:
      • Bypass Fuse Required Level: Allows you to tier up a XEN Unit without being at the max level.
      • Bypass Fuse Required Stars: Allows you to tier up a XEN Unit without the used XEN unit materials being the correct tier.
      • Force Any Unit in Fuse: Allows any unit in fuse, bypassing any restrictions like if they are fully maxed.
    • Quests:
      • All Quests Are Completed: Forces all quests to act as completed, allowing you to claim the rewards.
    • Communicator:
      • Access Any Girl's Chat: Allows you to click and open locked XEN girl's chats.
      • Access Locked Chat Options: Allows you to click and open the locked chats for each XEN girl.
      • Access Any Group Event: Allows you to click and open locked XEN group event chats.
    • Player Config:
      • Access Locked Avatars: Allows you to select and set your profile avatar with avatars that are locked.
      • Access Locked Memories: Allows you to click and open locked memories (logs).
    • Experimental & Testing Tools: Contains scripts to serve very specific, circumstantial purposes or are not exactly user friendly, but may be useful.

Author: Geordan9

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