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Hero-U: Rogue to Redemption - Table for Cheat Engine {koderkrazy}

Use of time pointers:
-Small activities(like walking, checking stuff) update minutes.
-Training and book reading update hours.
-Try not to modify day. 
-5pm is dinner time, don't have dinner twice.

Freeze Money: As long as the cheat is active money will freeze on 5k. To make 5k permanent do any money transaction. And save the game.

Weaken enemies: all enemies spawned after activating the cheat will have only one 1 health point left.

Player stats: These are implemented in Lua and not Asm. So they execute slowly. 
- Do 'Read stats' first. It'll set current values in variables in Status, Abilities, and Skills sections.
- Modify stats, then click 'Write Stats' to update them in game. Close and open 'Character Menu' in game to see changes.
- Modify values only that you understand. Or better save game before modifying them.


Author: koderkrazy

Hero-U: Rogue to Redemption - Table for Cheat Engine {koderkrazy}
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