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Heroes of Might and Magic V Steam Pack - Table for Cheat Engine {Recifense}

Hi guys,

Each table contains a script with the following features:

- Minimum Resources [1]

- Gold (68000)

- Other (6800)

Unlimited Movement (on move) [2]

Minimum Troop Size (on move) [3]

- Minimum Troop Size (in Castle) [4]

- Unlimited Building (at Castle) [5]

- God Mode for troops [6] (s2.0)

- God Mode for Support Units [6] (s3.0) fix (s3.2)

Recover Mana (on move) [7] (new) (s3.2)

- Full Dark Energy [8] (new) (s3.2) (Necromancer Campaign)

- pointers [9]


[1] Player's Resources will not go under minimum value;

[2] For player's army;

[3] For player's troops in Army;

[4] For player's troops in Castle;

[5] For player's Castles;

[6] For Player's troops amd support units;

[7] Player's heroes will recover mana when moving;

[8] Player's Dark Energy will remain full;

[9] Used at the table.


1) Run CE68 or greater;

2) Run Game;

3) Load the game process "H5_Game.exe" in CE;

4) Load this table and activate the main script;

5) Now Activate the script of each cheat you want to use;

6) Game On.


Author: Recifense

The source of information - Heroes of Might and Magic 5

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how do u activate main script