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Horizon: Zero Dawn - Table for Cheat Engine {SunBeam}


  • God set to 1 will make it so health drops at 0, but you never die. Set to 2 will render you invulnerable and skip any damage animations (no stagger). You can see I'm already using the 2 value 
  • InfiniteAmmo set to 1 will make it so your clip's value (at least for normal arrows) shows up as 2. In reality clip's at its full value. Now, every time you fire, the clip will use 1 arrow and restore it: 2->1->2. So you always see 2 there. Haven't yet tried other types of ammo.
  • ShowDebugInfo will show Player and Camera positions, as well as Player state (Explore_DEFAULT, Explore_JUMPING, EXPLORE_DEFAULT_AIM, etc.). Useful to pin-point locations or debug movement.

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