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House Flipper Garden: Table for Cheat Engine {GreenHouse}


- Enable Developer Menu
Enables the developer menu where you'll be able to do a lot of stuff, including noclip.
The menu is opened by pressing 'Tilde' three times in a row. If it doesn't open for you, you need to set your keyboard to the US layout.

- Infinite Money
Get an infinite amount of money.

- Infinite Paint
Your brush will always have paint.

- Infinite Perk Points
Always have 9 perk points of each type.

- Insta Watering
You'll water everything instantly.

- Insta Mount/Dismount
Mount and dismount everything with just 1 click, no need to hold it for a few seconds.

- Insta Paint
Paint the wall instantly, no need to wait for it to be fully painted.

- Insta Remove Cockroach Nests
Remove cockroach nests instantly.

- Insta Clean
Clean the floor instantly.

- Insta Clean Windows
Clean windows instantly.

Author: GreenHouse

The source of information - House Flipper

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