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Icewind Dale 1: Enhanced Edition (GoG) - Table for Cheat Engine {gideon25}


Icewind Dale Character Creation Sripts and Editors
- Max Roll on character Creation
- Points during creation AND Levelup (set to 0 if cant proceed)

 -- Skill Points

 -- Proficiency Points

 -- Higlrlevel class (ability points)

- Party Permanent Haste

- character Base
- Name

- Level
- Current XP (Remove equipped weapon to Update after changing)

- THACO (Current not Base) Must freeze or will reset
- Attacks Per Round (Must Freeze)

- Lore

- Current Health

- Strength2 (Set Both)

- Dexterity2 (Set Both)

- Constitution1 (Set Both)

- ConstitutionZ (Set Both)

- Intelligencei (Set Both)

- Inte|ligence2 (Set Both)

- Charisma2 (Set Both)

- Speed (0 is hasted)

- Thief Skills (Must Freeze or they reset)

- Saving Throws (Must Freeze or they reset)

-  Weapon Proficiencies (Must Freeze)

- Fighting Styles (Must Freeze)

Author: gideon25

The source of information - Icewind Dale

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