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Immortals Fenyx Rising: Table for Cheat Engine {SunBeam}


  • [ Inventory ] > Unlimited Inventory Items Quantity
    Added hashes for Health, Stamina, Attack and Defense Potions, so they're filtered out on use. In short, never decreasing. Edit as you see fit or add Currency as well so it doesn't decrease when you spend it on upgrades or whatnot.
  • [ Debug ] > Read Filtered Hash On Inventory Open
    Adjusted the script to use the whole list of known hashes for filtering purposes. When you gain some new item and think others may need it, either cuz of a bug or not having gotten it in the current progression, then:

    - enable the script (the critical condition remains: if you don't enable VEH Debugger, game will crash! read more information in Hit #3 section below)
    - go back in-game, press I to open your Inventory
    - the Lua Engine window will open and show just that 1 or 2 items you've recently acquired
    - disable the script and close the Inventory
    - save game
    - copy the hash and use it with 'Give Item' script: 00000000xxxxxxxx|1
    - open the Inventory and check which item appears with a red warning flag; that's the one you just got
    - share the information on the forum
    - if you want this ignored in the next iteration, then just add the hash to the KnownHashes array in the script, at the bottom, making sure there's no comma after the last item -> "", <- no comma there
    - don't forget to save the table so your known hash(es) is/are saved as well

Author: SunBeam

Immortals Fenyx Rising: Table for Cheat Engine {SunBeam}
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