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Indivisible: Table for Cheat Engine {SovietWristwatch.jpg}


  • Godmode (in combat)
  • One Hit Kill *
  • Ghost Mode (no enemy/hazard/projectile collision) **
  • Unlimited Moves / No Attack Delay
  • Unlimited Energy
  • Max Ringsels ***
  • XP Multiplier (25x)
  • Mega Combos (25x)

Player Pointers

  • Health
  • Max Health
  • Energy
  • Max Energy


  • Toggle Lock Coordinates [F2] ****
  • X coord [Del / PgDn]
  • Y coord [Home / End]

Achievement Stats

  • # Clean Blocks
  • # Iddhi Bars Used in Battle
  • # Damage Dealt

* May cause issues with some of the bosses. Just start the fight over with OHK disabled
** In Ashwat Forest, may cause problem with a Resurrection Lily and/or the "plants" you walk over that makes an enemy jump out
*** Talk to the upgrade people in the Inner Realm to get 108 Ringsels. Must currently have > 5 for it to work
**** I scrapped code for "unlimited timed platforms" in favor of teleportation to help with platforming. Press F2 to toggle freeze movement and then move around with Home/Del/End/PgDn (think of it like W/A/S/D/). WARNING: Use this sparingly unless you know exactly where you need to go. The game is heavily scripted and it may cause some progression issues if you go too far without activating things in the correct order.

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