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Industries of Titan: Table for Cheat Engine {Master_Builder}

The game ships with the pdb so making changes is rather easy. I made this collection for personal use. (You can do a lot with Ghidra and the pdb here. I left code/notes in the headers of all the scripts.)

  • Set tile pollution to 0 on add. -- Anything that produces pollution will set the pollution in it's tile to zero. In essence, no pollution will ever accumulate anywhere. If you're bringing this into an existing game, it may take time for the existing pollution to dissipate, but it'll happen eventually.
  • Infinite Xethane -- Thing's wont decrease the Xethane when they use it. This means eventually it'll go up to 100% and you can suck massive amounts of it for fuel.
  • Infinite Node Resources -- FOR THE BIG NODES ONLY! I purposefully did NOT design it to affect the scattered resource patches.
    The nodes will never run out, you can mine from them indefinitely.
  • Infinite Tickets -- Just keeps tickets at whatever your max is when you use them. Now you can turn all the credits you have for influence, no need to wait to do it.

Author: Master_Builder

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