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Internet Cafe Simulator 2: Table for Cheat Engine {GreenHouse}


- Infinite Health
Health won't go down when getting punched.

- Infinite Energy
Energy will always be at max value.

- Stop Time
Stop time from advancing, so the cafe can always be opened.

- Faster Elevator
Make the elevator faster. It's not higher because the player literally goes through the roof if you make it much faster.

- Don't Randomly Switch Off Lights
Stop lights from randomly switching off.

- Don't Randomly Set Things On Fire
Stop everything from randomly setting on fire.

- Always Warm Temperature
Set the cafe temperature to be always warm. You can edit the script and change the temperature, but I would say that 'warm' is the perfect temperature.

- Freeze Dirtiness
Stopping trash, footsteps and poop from appearing, which should also make the cafe smell good.

- Unbreakable Baseball Bat
Freeze the bat condition to perfect.

- One Hit Knock
Knock everyone with a single punch. This doesn't count if they avoid the punch. And the first punch will never knock them, because that's how devs made it. First punch puts them in a fighting state, then the next ones do damage. Yes, it's weird, but don't look at me. Devs are weird like that.

- No Bomberman
Stops the bomberman from bombing your cafe.

- No Robber
Stops the robber from stealing your things.

- No Police Search
Stops police from randomly search you. Enjoy being illegal.

- No Rain Effect On Screen
Remove the annoying and weird effect on screen when raining. Please devs... Does our character wear a fishbowl on their head or are their eyes made of glass? These effects always make 0 sense.

- Auto Approve Requests
All computer requests will be approved automatically. No need to do it manually. Nice mechanic devs.

- [Random] Knock Everyone
Random script to knock everyone. I left the script in, in case you want to do that. VOLUME WARNING THOUGH... All NPCs will play the "knocked" sound effect at once. So it will be loud. Also, don't freeze the value or weird stuff will happen.

- [Editable Values] Money and Skill Points
Change the Money and Skill Points that you currently have to any value. Change the 0 to any number, and it will set it to that.

- [Editable Values] Player Movement
Change a few values related to player movement: Walk, Run and Crouch Speed, Jump Height, Gravity and Headbob. There's no Headbob option in the settings, so you can set this to 0 to remove it.

- [Editable Values] Current Hour
Change the current hour in the game to anything you want. To freeze it, it's better if you use the 'Stop Time' script.

Author: GreenHouse

The source of information - Internet Cafe Simulator 2

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