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Jurassic World Evolution: Table for Cheat Engine v1.6.1 {sportled}

Player Cheats 
Get Max Reputation (Security, Entertainment, Science Division)
- Mission Count (This sets the maximum number of allowed missions to be requested.)

- Infinite Electric/Facility's have no Requirements (There's 2 ways to enable this cheat, 1 is to load to the menu of the game and enabling main code plus only this cheat before loading your save, or after loading you can enable it but have to disable and re enable an power station to see cheat effects and remove power icons..)
- Refill all Feeders
- Current Park Visitor Count (Set Your Current Park Visitors Count, warning do not exceed abnormal counters (15k/20k) unless your PC can handle it.)
- Park Worth (Set your currents Park Valle.)
- Instant Build
- Food always Fresh
- Infinite Food Supply
- Infinite Food in Supply *UPDATE:]Renamed "Food always Fresh" to "Infinite Food in Supply". Empty & stuck food supplies is fixed now with this 
*Notice: With "Infinite Food in Supply" Cheat, the current amount of Food is endless. It Never gets empty when Dinosaurs starting to eat from it. When enabled, it makes "Infinite Food Supply" useless, since it never refreshes the food It's up to you what you want to use
- Indestructible Fences
- Increase Ranger + ACU Team Tasks by 100
- No Sabotage
- No Storm
- Bypass Fossil Count (sell something, to get effect)

Dinosaur Stuff
- All Dinosaurs have max Stats
- Stun all Dinosaurs
- Make all Dinosaurs Sleep (Health + Water Override not working when using this)
- Wake up all Dinosaurs
- Super Dinosaur Health Regeneration
- Regeneration Speed
- Current Dinosaur Disease
- No Next Dinosaur Disease
- Heal all Dinosaurs from Diseases
- Diseases doesn't harm Dinosaurs (Sets -visual only- Age to 0 as well)
- Super Dinosaur Ratings
- Super Dinosaur Age
- Extreme Viability Boost
- Stat Modifier (All Dinosaurs(Edit Values if needed, then use Overrides below, 0.0f - 1.0f = 0-100% ))
- Stat Overrides (All Dinosaurs)
- Rating Modifier (All Dinosaurs)
- Rating Overrides (All Dinosaurs)
- Rating Modifier (Current Dinosaur, Mouse Over or click on Dino)
- Genome Modifier (All Dinosaurs)
- Genome Override (All Dinosaurs)
- Genome Modifier (Current Dinosaur, Mouse Over or click on Dino)

- Instant Hatch Dinosaurs
- Instant Expeditions
- Instant Researches
- Instant DNA Extractions
- Instant Dinosaur Genome
- Instant Mission Requests
- Bypass Most Offers/Missions & Succeed

- Infinite Money
- Current Money
- Fix Money (If you cannot buy&build, set this to 0)

Dinosaur + Facility Rating
- Get Max Ratings

[DEBUG] (This Part of the Table is used for debugging and timer purposes, you can see and edit or freeze timers by ticking the box of specific timer.. we also have nAge in there, editing this value when ticked to -55000 will greatly expand the lifetime of your beloved Dino's <3)

The current table contains functions made/provided by our great community members mentioned above on each made function.

Please Note: I DID NOT CREATE THIS TABLE, This Table is Mainly created by User 6208 for support ask in the topic here and we all will try our best. if something is broken let us know, but also read the forum and check if no one else reported it yet. there's no need for the topic to have 10/20 update requests. we all play too and in time it will be fixed again.

Author: sportled

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