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Just Cause 4: Table for Cheat Engine {GreenHouse}


- Editable Values
Includes some editable values, so far there's 3 but in case I update the table, I'll try to add some more. Still, if you know what you're doing, you can look around to see what you can find.

- Infinite Health
You'll never die, no matter what.

- Infinite Vehicle Health
Your vehicle will never be destroyed. Still some parts might break, like plane wings or vehicle wheels.

- Infinite Ammo
You'll have infinite ammo on all weapons.

- No Reload
You won't need to reload.

- Infinite Nitrous
Cars will have infinite nitrous.

- Better Hook
Improves your hook. You can use it on WAY longer distances, you go faster, and it's tougher to break.

- Stronger Hook Retraction
Hook retraction is stronger, so you'll be able to pull together most stuff pretty fast.

- Unbreakable Hook
The hook will NEVER break, no matter what. Unless you're trying to connect two ends of the hook that are too far away, in that case, it won't even place it to begin with.

- No Supply Cooldown
Supplies won't have a cooldown after each use.

- Infinite Jetpack
The wingsuit jetpack will last forever.

- Infinite Mission Timer (Tested only on DLC races, not sure if it works on every timer)
Mission timers won't decrease.

Author: GreenHouse

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