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Katana Zero: Table for Cheat Engine +8 {GreenHouse}


- Unlimited Time
You'll have unlimited time to finish the map.

- Unlimited Slow Time
You'll have unlimited slow time. Even If it shows like you don't have, you'll be able to use it.

- Disable Enemy AI
Enemies won't move or attack you.

- Enemies Can't Hit You
Enemies won't be able to hit you. Punching or shooting at you just won't do anything.
Lasers can still kill you.

- Disable Walls Collision
Disables the walls collision. You will be able to go through anything (from left to right).
Be careful with this. You can through walls, but you can fall to the void If you go outside of the map.
Don't disable it If you're outside of the playable zone, you will be stuck there.

- Get Current Weapon
Change the current weapon you have. You can change between all 6 weapons.
It includes an option to change the wait time until the next attack.

- Get Current Secondary Weapon
Change the current secondary weapon you have. Freeze the value to have that weapon forever.
The flamethrower doesn't always work, it has to do with the current level.
(And no, there's no way to fix that, as If I force the game to give you the weapon, everything glitches out).

- Get Player Position
Get the player current collision. And get his collision (different kind of collision), this collision allows you to go through lasers, but it won't detect stairs and some interactable objects like doors.

Author: GreenHouse

The source of information - Katana Zero

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Thank you so much ^^ I had to search for a long time before finding this free cheat (which is actually better than the paid one)