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Kentucky Route Zero: Table for Cheat Engine {Chiados}

Just a script to enable or disable console for the game. You can force unlock some stuff, unlock the camera, skip around acts and scenes. This is a simple and lovely game so I suggest playing through it first before diving into the console stuff. Just sharing this for fun.

F1 brings up a Helpers window
F2 brings up a Bookmarks window
F5 will reset the current scene or atleast cause you to travel back some.
F10 free's the camera.
U will hide the UI
- will make all UI stuff smaller
+ will make all UI stuff larger
M will mute all audio
[ and ] can be used the same as F1 and F2
Numpad - will freeze the game
Numpad + will unfreeze the game
Page up raises screenshot-factor
Page Down lowers screenshot-factor

When unlocking the camera, use WASD to move and mouse to look around 360 degrees. If you get lost, press F10 again to snap back to where you belong
There's a key combo to change your ingame movement speed but I don't remember how I did it. If anyone figures it out, please post a reply.

Author: Chiados

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