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Kingdom Come: Deliverance - Table for Cheat Engine v1.9.2 {Straputsky}

Two simple scripts which I hope they work for you as well. They increase your stats and skills to 20 when you get some XP (i.e. pick up a herb, your skill raises from 0 to 20). If the mentioned script from page 36 doesn't work for you, I doubt these scripts will.

Known Bugs:
- Combat skill is raised to 20 immediately after you raise one skill (i.e. raise Unarmed to 20 -> Combat is raised to 20 too)
- Your main level raises to 20 if you aren't careful

Both stats are meant to raise as you progress your skills. Combat should be at 20 after you raised nearly ALL your combat skills and not a single one. Your main level should be still at lvl19 even after all attributes are raised to 20. You earn additional XP when you progress through the game (i.e. complete quests).
I doubt this has any negative consequences (and the last one is easily avoidable), but thought I mention it here.

As an example: Start a game, after talking to your father, activate the attribute script -> talk to him again -> Speech is now 20. Move over to the horses, have a look that no guard is around -> hit one horse with your bare hands -> Strength & Agility are at 20 -> jump once for joy -> Vitality is at 20 (if you activated the skills script as well Unarmed & Combat raised to 20 too). Now you can deactivate the attribute script and Bug number 2 won't be of any concern any more.

Author: Straputsky

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