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Kingdom Hearts Final Mix: Table for Cheat Engine {Otopie}

A small update of the Table:

- Sora Model / Animation (small List is included)
- Donald Model / Animation
- Goofy Model / Animation
---> A Pointer leads to the Adress for the Current Model just grab the adress
- Jump High (High)
- High Jump (High)
- Yellow MP Bar (for Restock 1 MP this thing)
- Wonderland Spawn (Spawn all 3 Chests)
- TT Chest in Hotel (Leon Room -> Spawn the Chest "Hit the Clock x Times")
(ive learned about hidden chests through the KH Randomizer)
- Open Menu in Scene (Equip Menu / Loading Screen / Skip Scene or Retry/Quit ...)
- Command HUD Text
- Halloween Town - Gate Elevator Check(Maybe Flame)?

Author: Otopie

The source of information - Kingdom Hearts

DOWNLOAD (60.8 Kb) 2021-May-20

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