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Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix: Table for Cheat Engine {Vortox14}

The table is an extension of Dekirai's.
I've added every Material, Accessory, Armor and allow you to edit the materials stocked in the Synth Shop directly.
Weapons and 'Story Related/Recipes' categories are decent, but incomplete.

In regards to the stat editing, the entries listed are the total from other stored values (end point) and isn't used to actually alter the stat. Boosting the stat with a Boost Item is its own saved value within the memory.
I use those (not within the table) to boost the stats. (1 byte search and you have to know how many times you've used the item on the character.) which actually gets saved and works.

Author: Vortox14

The source of information - Kingdom Hearts II

DOWNLOAD (5.3 Kb) 2021-May-01

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