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Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders - Table for Cheat Engine {Puzzled_Job}

Hey everybody. Here is my small contribution to this game. So far this cheat lets you add Geralds 3rd and 4th skill slot, as well as let you select skills. There is also the ability to unlock all of Geralds Unit tree, meaning with the right skills selected on Gerald you can choose any unit to add to your team as well units from other campaigns such as Elves and Orcs. Be careful though when selecting the special units in yellow as this will erase Gerald from the entire game and make him un-selectable during gameplay. Tested on my version and works fine. I hope it works for you all too.

As far as Unlocking all Units I am not an expert at making scripts so just toggle with with Numpad 1.

Also, to be sure the units actually appear in battle, you have to make sure you have the proper skills selected. And if using units such as Orcs or elves, first select them from drop list, it will take you to said unit tree in game, choose another unit in said tree and then re-select the unit you want.

Author: Puzzled_Job

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