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Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning - Table for Cheat Engine {aSwedishMagyar}

So this game allows you to use the enumerate DLL's and symbols functionality of Cheat Engine and as a result you can do a lot of cool things. I found functions for base damage mults, harvest chance and others that I haven't had time to look through. Also something to look into is the game's built in cheat functions since my durability script just changes a compare where it checks for the cheat.

I should also mention that this table uses the symbols with define and assert which means you will have to wait for symbols to populate before the cheats will activate. I can post a separate AOB file but in my opinion this one will be easier to maintain with future updates.

Update +11: Changed everything back to AOBs because the update hid the symbols so until I figure out how to get them to show again this is what we will be using. The Bypass lockpicking and Bypass wards you will have to modify yourself to get them to work on your computer since getting an AOB that would work in all cases is impossible without you guys showing me the assembly around that portion. (which you didn't do earlier so you have yourselves to thank for that)

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