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Labyrinth of Refrain: Table for Cheat Engine (Steam) {HeathenGator}

I've been meddling a lot with this particular table, since the original functionality was very lacking for my taste. Don't get me wrong, most of the credit goes to the OP who made all the code foundations and the item editor made by zachillios. I simply improved their design as follows:

Character Editor: use PageUp/PageDown for next/previous puppet appearance.

Changed item quantity for the items code to 50; Toggle ON/OFF with Num 1.

Changed caravan mana and silver to be set to 9,999,999.

Expanded dungeon mana script:

Will automatically set target mana to current floor density.

Will update current mana upon field gain, battle gain, opening main menu and opening map.

Sometimes will automatically update upon changing floors too. Not sure why this one is inconsistent.

Added Karma control. Num 6 will freeze at 0, Num 7 will freeze at 99.

Changed EXP script to award 50,000,000 EXP from every fight. Toggle ON/OFF with Num 5.

Any Covens involved in a fight with this script ON will also have 5,000 Coven EXP. Instant level 10 Covens.

Unlimited Fog Veil (Toggle ON/OFF with Num 3) and Silver Spoon (Toggle ON/OFF with Num 4) scripts will now freeze at 10. They will never run out as long as the scripts are active, and you can get rid of their effects in just 10 steps if they're an issue for some reason.

Semi-Invincibility: Toggle ON/OFF with Num 2

Consolidated and expanded the item editor made by zachillios. Added missing stats, resistances and extra damage types applicable to gear. Freeze/Unfreeze stats and rarity with Num 9 to quickly copy all stats from gear to gear. You can do this from the regular inventory for more precision. For example, open the Swords tab, select the uppermost sword on the list, edit its stats to your liking, freeze them with Num 9, and scroll down the list of all your swords (by tapping the scroll key. If you hold it the cursor will move too quickly, skipping some items along the way). Viola, all your swords now have identical stats and rarity.

Author: HeathenGator

The source of information - Labyrinth of Refrain

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