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Last Epoch: Table for Cheat Engine {SinGul4ritY}

- Hook Gamble Quality

- Cheat: Money freeze
- Cheat: Money only increase
( enable 1 of them... disable to enable the other)

- Cheat: Minions Undamagable ( only tested with 1 minion atm )
note not tracking modified minions... need to restart game to disable

ps. gambling and base items as far as i know atm

Gambling items - Base item

** Set's
Boardman's Legacy - Darkwolf Pelt
Defease Of The Forgotten Knight - Tower Shield
Halvar's Stand - Heoboran Boots
Isadora's Gravechill - Noble Gloves
Isadora's Tomb's Binding - Plated Belt
Pebble's Bitemark Sash - Shash
The Last Bear's Fury - Noble Gloves

** Unique's
* Weapons
Arek's Bones - Bladed Mage
Bloodgeon - Flanced Mage
Cinder Song - Arch Mage Wand
Culnivars Claim - Emerald Sceptre
Plauge Bearer Staff - Gate Staff
Rainbow Edge - Eastern Blade
Reach Of The Grave - Necromancer Wand

* Armor
Artor's Legacy - Lupine Helm
Fiery Dragon Shoes - Solarium Greaves
Fighting Change - Iron Gauntless
Keeper's Gloves - Refuge Gloves
Kermode's Cage - Nomad Carb
Legacy Of The Quiet Forest - Bronze Belt
Maehlin's Hubris - Engraved Gauntlets
Mortalitys Grasp - Noble Gloves
Rayheh's Light - Great Shield
Riverbend Grasp - Leather Gloves
Soul Bastion - Imperial Shield
Stormtide - Iron Greaves
The Scavenger - Leather Belt
The Slab - Heather Shield
Transient Rest - Bridgandine Boots
Ward Trail - Rangers Belt
Wing Guards - Engraved Gauntles

* Accessories
Arboreal Circuit - Silver Ring
Bleeding Heart - Jade Amulet
Death Rattle - Turqiose Amulet
Grimoire Of Necrotic Elixers - Stained Tome
Heirloom Of The Last Nomad - Ruby Ring
Hollow Finger - Turqoise Ring
Liath Signet - Gold Ring
Melvern's Writ - Warding Tome
Ring Of The Third Eye - Copper Ring
Soulfire - Solarium Emblem
Strong Mind - Copper Amulet
The Claw - Brass Amulet
The Fang - Bone Amulet
Tome Of Elements - Ancient Tome

Author: SinGul4ritY

The source of information - Last Epoch

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