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Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel 2 (PC) - Table for Cheat Engine Edit 11.5 {DrummerIX}

Options so far:
Damage Mod (God Mode, One Hit Kill, Enemy Damage Mult, Enemy Healing Mult, Hero Damage Mult, Hero Healing Mult, HeroCannotDie)
Infinite Battle EP
Infinite CP, Max CP on Hit
Max Bravery Points (5)
Overdrive Multiplier/Instant Overdrive
Infinite Items/Set Minimum Item Amount
Infinite Turns Left (Allies, Positive Status Effects)
Add Positive Status Effects (Allies, When Adding A Status Normally)
Infinite NG+ Points
Infinite Fishing Attempts
Always Have Moebius Effect For Item Range
Always Have Megalith HP/EP/CP Regeneration Effect
Always Have Magius Arts Area Effect
Fast Link EXP (Bonding Events)
Fast Link EXP (Battle)
EXP Multiplier
Multiply Stats On Equip
Pointers for Mira, Sepith Crystals and Sepith (All Types), Angler Points (Current and Cumulative)
Pointers for Bonding Points, Current Rank, AP and Bonus AP
Inventory Editor
Orbment Editor
Character Editor

Sorry for the first table being buggy. I think I have things working okay now. I tested some more in the first area. I added Infinite EP and Infinite CP and Max CP On Hit in this update also. I'm removing the initial file which was buggy.

EXP Multiplier was same from Cold Steel 1, so I put it in this update. Most other things changed too much for me to quickly port it, but I'm still looking for things.

I have basic pointers for Mira, Sepith Crystals and Sepith in this update

EDIT 2.5:
I put in option for Infinite Items or Set Item Amount, Infinite Fishing Attempts and Pointers to Current and Cumulative Angler Points in this update.

EDIT 2.75:
TheByteSize's original option for Fast Master Quartz Leveling only needed some minor modifications. It's in this update. It basically gets you to Level 5 Master Quartz in very few battles.

I couldn't sleep, so worked on another option. I have Multiply Stats On Equip working but it affects everyone. I haven't ported over code to apply to Rean only, but that setting is there. It just doesn't do anything at the moment.

EDIT 3.5:
Worked on porting over some more pointers. I have Last Selected Master Quartz Level and EXP, Orbment Editor and Inventory Editor in this update. You have to view the respective areas in the game to update the pointers.

I added Infinite Turns Left Positive Status Effects (Allies).

EDIT 4.5:
I added Max Bravery Points in this update. I have most things ported over. Looks like it takes some time to get bonding points in the game but someone found their address already.

EDIT 4.75:
Big thanks to the people who provided save games and Elrkonig for the address to bonding points. I have Bonding Points pointer in this update. I also have the list of Item ID's added to a dropdown in the Inventory Editor in this update.

I have Fast Link EXP for Bonding Events in this update.

Most things have been ported over from the table for Cold Steel 1. I added Current Rank, AP and Bonus AP Pointers. I also added in Add Bonus AP To Quests When You Complete Them. It makes getting S rank easier. I'd say the table is very close to complete unless I can think of more ways to improve on things.

EDIT 6.5:
I came up with Fast Link EXP (Battle) in this update.

I ported over the Character Editor in this update. Apply To Rean Only in the Multiply Stats On Equip now works correctly.

EDIT 7.5:
I found something for adding positive status effects. It basically adds all positive status effects to an ally when you add a status normally. So the first recipe item for instance adds MOV Up. If you use the item with the option on, it adds all other positive status effects.

I found an Overdrive Multiplier or Instant Overdrive option in this update. Enjoy!

EDIT 8.25:
Minor update. I changed some things with Add Positive Status Effects (When Adding A Status Normally) to let you modify some things such as number of turns and the power of the effects. I also added in the dropdown's for Orbment Editor per request.

EDIT 8.5:
I found time for one more option. Always Critical Hit for Allies. Enjoy!

EDIT 8.75:
Updated Bonding Points and other pointers for the update on February 17, 2018.

I think I have something for Always Have Moebius Effect For Item Use + Range. It's working for me on most characters, but it seems if you have a Water based MQ equipped, it doesn't work quite right. I may look at improving it when I have time, but here it is for now. I also updated Infinite Turns Left option with the option to not use custom power's.

EDIT 9.25:
Minor update. I modified how I pull in Bonding Points and AP Pointers to help with future updates and it should work for those staying on version 1.0 I believe. I'm removing EDIT 9, but the Moebius Effect option is still there.

EDIT 9.5:
Fixed a issue with God Mode affecting some enemies. I hope it's working for everything now. I also added in some more positive status effects the Infinite Turns will affect.

EDIT 9.75:
Fixed an issue with Infinite Turns Positive Effects that caused negative effects to be infinite also.

EDIT 10:
Fixed issue with Always Critical Attack when doing Divine Knight Battles. Now during those battles, you must hit the correct spot like normal before it will critical, but in regular battles, the always critical still works.

EDIT 10.5:
I put in Always Have Megalith HP/EP/CP Regeneration Effect and Always Have Magius Arts Area Effect options by popular demand. Enjoy! I'm removing EDIT 10, but the fix for Always Critical is in this one also.

EDIT 10.75:
I attempted to fix Magius Effect. It's working for most everyone now, but I think it still only affects Line type arts. Not sure what else I'm missing for it.

EDIT 11:
Put in Infinite NG+ Points.

EDIT 11.5:
Updated for version 1.2 around March 2, 2018.


Author: DrummerIX

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where will the latest update for v1.3 post? or it will not have any update?