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Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel 2 - Table for Cheat Engine v1.4.1 {DrummerIX}

Options so far:
Damage Mod (God Mode, One Hit Kill, Enemy Damage Mult, Enemy Healing Mult, Hero Damage Mult, Hero Healing Mult, HeroCannotDie)
Infinite Battle EP
Infinite CP, Max CP on Hit
Max Bravery Points (5)
Overdrive Multiplier/Instant Overdrive
Infinite Items/Set Minimum Item Amount
Override Item ID On Gain of Item
Infinite Turns Left (Allies, Positive Status Effects)
Add Positive Status Effects (Allies, When Adding A Status Normally)
Infinite NG+ Points
Infinite Fishing Attempts
Always Have Moebius Effect For Item Range
Always Have Megalith HP/EP/CP Regeneration Effect
Always Have Magius Arts Area Effect
Fast Link EXP (Bonding Events)
Fast Link EXP (Battle)
EXP Multiplier
Multiply Stats On Equip / Add Bonus ACC+/EVA+ On Equip
Pointers for Mira, Sepith Crystals and Sepith (All Types), Angler Points (Current and Cumulative)
Pointers for Bonding Points, Current Rank, AP and Bonus AP
Inventory Editor
Orbment Editor
Character Editor

Author: DrummerIX

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