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Legends of Ethernal: Table for Cheat Engine {ndck76}

Infinite Health *Hotkey Included* (Can be activated immediately. If you are unable to activate, get hit first and then activate the cheat)
Infinite Stamina *Hotkey Included* (Can be activated immediately)
Infinite Ethers *Hotkey Included* (Can be activated immediately. Use this only after you have use the "All Ether Easy Collection" cheat. This cheat will not reduce of all Ethers used)
All Ether Easy Collection *Hotkey Included* (Can be activated immediately. This cheat is to make it easier for you to collect the amounts of Ether. The number of collection should be below 10. Just collect 1-9 numbers of either Ether with the cheat activated will fill up to a certain quantity. After this you can deacitvate the cheat and use the "Infinite Ethers cheat")
Darkness Immunity *Hotkey Included* (Can be activated immediately. To be used in the dark cave with the Spirit Ether)

Author: ndck76

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