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Lords of the Fallen: Table for Cheat Engine GoG {beguiler}

Here is my slightly modified version of the above CT by Made by oyyzj for the recently released GoG version of the game. Mainly I redid the infinite potion so it will work with the GoG version. It's not really infinite potions but infinite item use so I changed the name to that. I also removed the non-working code like the add stat/magic points and exp Distribute.

So the table has the following:

Stats Distribute - same as original, must have 1 point but when used points never gets removed

magic distribute - same as original, must have 1 point but when used points never gets removed

Infinite Item use - doesn't use up an usable item. If you use a potion count doesn't decrease. If you unlock a rune you will still have an unlocked rune in your inventory. When you add a rune to a weapon if you have 2 or more it will never decrease (note if you have only 1 it will disappear from inventory). WARNING - disable when loading game or infinite loop happens and will crash your game if you leave it long enough!!

Item count - added this so you can change the count in case you forget to disable on load and end up with like a million potions.

Magic Mana - unchanged - enable for infinite magic use

Stamina - unchanged - enable for infinite stamina

Testing - partial attempt to get HP pointers - incomplete

Have fun 

I tried to do infinite HP but it was a pain, and decided to forget about it. If you want to give it a try you can look for the 17 memory locations storing HP and locking it and it will work. I was able to find an AOB scan that would let me get 12 of the 17 but for the remaining 5 I couldn't find any that let me find them after reloading the game.

The source of information - Lords of the Fallen

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