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M.A.S.S. Builder: Tuning Table + Save Editor Version {The Black X}

A table that allows you to change the currently equipped Engine/OS/Architecture with relative Gears/Modues/Techs, including currently not yet normally available ones. Table has no script so it works for any version, if any, and possibly for any future update (not 100% certain for the save editor version).

Comes in 2 versions and both do the same thing. Pick one.
-Memory edit version (usual cheat engine), where before doing anything you must update the "Engine" address.

How to update "Engine" address.

1) Run the game cheat engine etc.
2) look for the ID of your currently equipped engine in the id list below.
3) Search that value as 4 bytes. DO NOT check the hex button.
4) equip another engine, repeat from step 2 until you have 1 result. Shouldn't take more than once.
5) Right click on the result and select copy address.
6) Right click on "Engine" and select change record -> address. Paste the value.
7) the table will stay linked to that unit. If you change your M.A.S.S. unit you need to repeat the process.

-Save editor version. While the game is NOT running, from your savegame folder, Load in cheat engine the file (under File->open file) corresponding to the mass you want to edit (UnitXXYY.sav, also make a backup copy). When starting address is asked, leave as it is (00s) and press ok. once done you must save (under File->save file).

In-depth info:
-As of current game version some of the node > 5 might not work properly (Like Blizzard Core and Shockwave Padding)
-You can always equip 7 of each Gears/Modues/Techs, regardless of how many slots the currently equipped Engine/OS/Architecture has. Will not be listed but changes will reflect.
-You can equip multiple same named Gears/Modues/Techs. Stat based will always stack.
-You can't equip Gears/Modues/Techs outside their original section (E.g. A Gear instead of a Module) as it will have no effect.
-Some might have wrong descriptions or names.
-If you in-game unequip a currently locked Engine/OS/Architecture/Gear/Modue/Tech, you won't be able to re-equip it in-game, that aside, changes are permanent as long as you don't edit them back.

Author: The Black X

The source of information - M.A.S.S. Builder

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