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Mafia III: Definitive Edition - Table for Cheat Engine {happyTugs}

ESP (new)
--Enable ESP and press your 'Intel' key
--Underneath will be a toggle flag that you can hotkey to manually remove ESP
-- toggle flag can be large (e.g 960513) or small (e.g 1), it doesnt really matter since the lower byte is being modified. all you need to know is 0==Off/1==On
--If you want to disable ESP, simply disable and aim with a gun
Free Shop Items
God mode
Infinite Ammo Clip
Infinite Ammo Total
Infinite Slow-Motion
Make All Entities Static (new)
--cars crash into each other, all entities appear to freeze, and other weirdness
No Detection (new)
No Recoil
No Spread
Position (unreliable pointer, if anyone fixes it, let me know and ill credit you)
--Underneath that script contains the player position along with way-point positions.
--By default, way-point position is set to 'Sammy's Bar'
--Make sure to enable God-Mode before teleporting to avoid fall-damage.
Rapid Fire
Set Medkits to Ten (new)
Static Entities (new)
-- Invisibility? i just thought it was interesting so I added it
-- can conflict with 'Infinite Ammo Total'

Camera (new)
Electronics (new)

update v.1:
-added ESP ( basically just intel being always on)
-added No Detection
-added pointer to electronics
-added pointer to camera
-added 'set medkits to ten' (basically unlimited medkits)
-added Make All Entities Static
-added Static Entities
-renamed some things as not to mislead

update v.2
added unlimited ammo/throwables
reworked no detection
-- npcs now dont react to being touched
infinite Ammo Clip renamed to no reload
removed static entities
-- couldn't get into cars with npcs
reworked electronics pointer
all hooks conducted beforehand for less overhead

Author: happyTugs

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