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Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection - Table for Cheat Engine {Geordan9}

I re-did some of the stuff in your table to break it down. Secret Disks have 4 disks in a byte and they use the first 4 bits to determine if they are unlocked and the last 4 bits if they are read, respectively. Also broke down the EX Skills and added drop down menus to Subtanks to easily select between 32, max value, and -1, locked. Added a few random scripts as well if anyone is interested.

My current table design for the secret disks is setup so if you want to change the read value, you'd activate the item for the disk. So you can just highlight all of them and set the value to 1 or activate all of them so you can do the same thing but include the read value. Also, since it's broken down, you can pick an choose.

Author: Geordan9

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