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Metal Gear Solid V: Table for Cheat Engine v3.0.10 {TheyCallMeTim13}


Teleporter - save to file location with name, and a "memory record generator" helper script for generating "teleport to save" scripts from saves. Check "I2CETeleporter.lua" table file for the doc. string.


Time manipulation (I only updated this)

Weather manipulation (I only updated this)

No Clip

Infinite Health

Infinite Consciousness

Super Speed (delta write multipliers)

Infinite Ammo

No Reload

Infinite Suppressors

Infinite Battery

Infinite GMP

Infinite Resources

Invisibility (I only updated this)

Insta Action Hold

Demon Stat Multiplier

Heroism Stat Multiplier

Instant Developments

Instant Deployments

Instant Mother Base Development (I only updated this)

Staff Hook (I only updated this) Only works with one view type, change "View" in "Staff Management" if addresses don't populate.

Staff Stats Setter Sets values to hardcoded or custom values, but all values for the selected staff member are set.

Stop Mission Timer

Stop Ops Timer (I only updated this)

Stop Drug Duration Timer (I only updated this)

Weapon Accuracy Hook

Weapon Fire Rate Hook (I only updated this)

Iron Sights Hook

Zoom Set Hook

No Turret Heat

Combatant - Insta Stuns/Kills (I only updated this)

Combatant - One Hit Kills (I only updated this)

Combatant - one Hit/Punch Stuns/Kills

No Combatants Wake Up

Skulls - Insta Stuns/Kills

Skulls - One Hit Kills

Skulls - One Hit Stuns

Insta End Alerts

Stun All Large Animals (I only updated this)

No Large Animals Wake Up

Large Animal - one Hit Stuns

Vehicle Acceleration Multiplier

Vehicle Speed Multiplier

Tank Infinite Ammo

Tank Fire Rate Hook

Tank Faster Aiming

Tank MG No Over Heat

Emblem Unlocker (I only updated this)

Text Emblem Unlocker (I only updated this)

Buddy Bond Hook (I only updated this)

Cassette Tape Unlocker Hook

General Helper Scripts:

Renew Suppressors

Fill Main Weapons Ammo

Fill Battery

+25,000 GMP

+500,000 GMP

+25,000,000 GMP

+100,000 Processed Materials

+500,000 Processed Materials

+5,000 Plant Materials

+50,000 Plant Materials

+500 Placed Weapons

+500 Vehicles

+100 Walker Gears

+50 Parasites


Author: TheyCallMeTim13

The source of information - Metal Gear Solid V

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