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Metal Gear Survive: Table for Cheat Engine v1.18 {MBRKiNG}


-Inf Life
-Inf Stamina
-Inf Oxigen
-Inf Hunger
-Inf Thirst
-no Cure/always Healthy
-Set Movementspeed
-One Hit Kills
-Ability/Skills - Inf Duration/noCooldown
-Inf Gear/Weapon Durability
-Inf Ammo
-Inf Throwables & Placeables
-Inf Placements Ammo
-Inf Placements Health
-Shared Resources Storage Status
--Current Water Resources
--Current Food Resources
--Current Medical Resources
-Set Kuban Energy
-Weight amount
--Time Until Digging Autostart/Rescue Timer
--Time Until Next Wave
--Activate Buff Hand Shaking: Down
-Set Materials/Consumables on Discard 90k (Others list)
-Set Placed/Throwing/Gadgets/Units on Discard 90k (Others list)
-Build everything (use Construction Terminal)
-Mouseover Item Changer (this is how u get Loot Boxes)
-Cosmetic Changer (use Change Equipment)
-Create Modded Gear/Weapons (use change Equipment)

Author: MBRKiNG

The source of information - Metal Gear Survive

DOWNLOAD (25.9 Kb) 2021-Feb-10

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Hello. There seems to be a bug that is introduced with infinite ammo cheat. Sometimes ammo goes into negative and becomes 65535 (since it is stored in a short int). Also every time you refill at an equipment page your ammo and replaceables, the game adds the magazine size to your currently carried ammo. And sometimes it is imposible to unequip ammo (seems to be after that going into negative situation).
I would try to figure it out by myself but I don't have skills or knowledge. I was trying to make infinite ammo for me myself by disabling the code that reduces ammo while shooting, but to no result