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Metaverse Keeper: Table for Cheat Engine +12 v0.31.2 {GreenHouse}


- Infinite Health
You won't die no matter what.

- Infinite Shield
The shield will never break.

- Infinite Vitality
You'll have infinite vitality.

- Infinite Energy
You'll have infinite energy.

- Infinite Bombs
Get an infinite amount of bombs.

- Infinite Coins
Get an infinite amount of coins.

- No Weapon Cooldown
Weapon skills won't have a cooldown.

- No Bomb Cooldown
Bombs won't have a cooldown. You can keep using them without the need to wait.

- No Dash Cooldown
The player dash won't have a cooldown.

- One Hit Kill
Kill everything with 1 hit.

- Get Player
Get multiple player values that you can edit manually.

- Get Current Weapon
Get multiple values from the weapon you're currently using that you can edit manually.

Author: GreenHouse

The source of information - Metaverse Keeper

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