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Metro Exodus: Table for Cheat Engine [STEAM/EPIC] {Drazerak}

- Infinite Health & One Hit Kill
- Infinite Ammo & Infinite Throwables
- Infinite Flashlight
- Infinite Resources (Scrap, Chemicals, Filters, Medkits)
- Infinite Mask Durability
- Infinite Mask Filter Time
- Infinite Pressure & Current for weapons
- No Sway
- No Recoil
- No Reload
- No Cleaning
- No Overheat
- Super Speed
- Time of Day
- Stealth Mode
- Teleport Mode

Press . to activate all options, * for One Hit Kill, + and - for inc/dec time of day, Home for Teleport Mode, End for Stealth Mode, Y for Super Speed

Regarding Teleport Mode you should always have Inf Health active and save game before use.
You will probably need to change hotkeys (depending on your language).
Press [;] to Save Position, Press ['] to save current position and load previous position, Press [\] to undo position.
Press [-] to Lock/Unlock undo position, so you dont overwrite it with load position.
With arrows you can move your current position in X, Y, Z axis. Useful when you get stuck.


Author: Drazerak

The source of information - Metro Exodus

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