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Might and Magic: FOR BLOOD AND HONOR - Table for Cheat Engine {Curley16}

- Set max food to 250
- Set your gold value

- Infinite Hitpoints (All Characters)
- Infinite Skillpoints (All Characters) -> You must spend skillpoint to get infinite skillpoints
- Infinite Spellpoints (All Characters)
- Infinite Experience (All Characters) -> One kill to activate

- Set values on Arcomage game to max 250 (You will always win)

Set value for each characters to max 9999 
- Might
- Intellect
- Personality
- Endurance
- Accuracy
- Speed
- Luck

 Very important:
- The game MUST be started in your town to set characters values

 Note: Some creatures can still make you ill or even kill you, but with some care, you are almost invincible.

Author: Curley16

The source of information - MIGHT AND MAGIC 7

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