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Minecraft: Dungeons - Table for Cheat Engine {FearTheSouls}

- Cheats -

  • Player Scripts
    - No Damage/Ghost
    - Unlimited Arrows
  • Enchantment Points Editor
    - Enchantment Points
  • Unlimited Emeralds


No Damage/Ghost will make you not register any damage.

Enable enchantment points editor then input any value for the points you want. Go to the inventory (if you are already in inventory close it then open it) and you should see it take effect. When you buy something, they might decrease, however simply edit them back.

For unlimited emeralds, you need to gain some to see it take effect.

Game Information:

This cheat table was made for Minecraft Dungeons Windows Store Gamepass version but it will work for normal Windows Store version (buy option) as well.

For the Mojang/minecraftnet version, i believe most cheats except no damage will work fine. Hook me up with Mojang version and i can fix damage cheat for it.


Replaced FearTheSouls table with mine. Feel free to improve/add upon it.

Author: FearTheSouls

The source of information - Minecraft: Dungeons

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