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Minecraft: Dungeons - Table for Cheat Engine {The_Z}

How To:

Dungeon Mode: [Enable: 1] [Disable: 2]

God Mode: Disables mobs ability to hit. Needs to be used with key binds.
Infinite Arrows
Infinite Souls
Infinite Totems
Arrow Count: How many arrows are shot out of your bow. Can set custom amount by changing the value.

Currency: [Toggle: 3]
Emeralds: Freezes emerald count and can set with value.

Item Duplication: [Toggle: 4]

Note: To use simply freeze the value and right click an item from your INVENTORY. It will replace it with whatever item you selected from your inventory. You can select
as many items you want to replace with the one you froze. When you're done, unfreeze. If you move the frozen Item from the equipped slot your game will crash.

Remove Cooldowns: [Toggle: 5]
Cooldowns: Self Explanatory

Abilities: [Enable: 6] [Disable: 7]
Movement Speed: Can be adjusted manually, key binds set it for you though.
Attack Speed: Can be adjusted manually, key binds set it for you though.

Player: [Toggle: 8]
NoClip: To use spam the key bind until you phase through the desired wall. Not as fancy as normal No Clips, but it does the job. If you leave it on while walking you will
fall through the floor.

Animations: [Disable: 9] [Enable: 0]
Roll and Weapon Animation
Walking Animation: Must use key bind, or manually set the value to 90.

NOTE: Finding pointers for some of these addresses where a bit difficult. The duplication and walking animation are the main ones I was struggling to find. Also, I just started learning how to do this stuff in CE, so please ignore a bit of the mess. Thank you. Also, for some reason I can't upload images. So I apologize for no preview of it.

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