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Mirror: Table for Cheat Engine {Yellowsub}

List of Cheats:

[*]Quick Scripts

[*]200 Rage (Will unlock Rage Achievement)
[*]Max HP
[*]Max Turns
[*]Remove Cloths 1 hit
[*]1 Hit Win

[*]Easy Dispel Achievement (dispel 1 item in battle)

[*]Show Gallery (Not Perm Unlock)

[*]SM Game
[*]999 Turns
[*]Max Pleasure Meter
[*]Max Pain Meter
[*]Max Pleasure, Pain, Turns
[*]0 Pleasure, 0 Pain, Max Turns (Inf Play Time While Xed)

[*]Make Love Bonus Round (DLC)
[*]Inf Timer
[*]Max Yellow Bar
[*]Inf Timer, No Score (Inf Play Time While Xed)

[*]Max Money (Buy Something)


[*]Hp Current
[*]Hp Max
[*]Org Physic Atk
[*]Org Magic Atk
[*]Org Physic Def
[*]Org Magic Def
[*]Physic Atk
[*]Magic Atk
[*]Physic Def
[*]Magic Def
[*]Cure Rate
[*]Vampire Rate
[*]Mute Take Damage Count
[*]Broke Cloth Level
[*]Action Turn
[*]Delay Turn
[*]Dodge Rate
[*]Fight Back Damage Rate
[*]Battle Cycle Index
[*]Is Silence

[*]Hp Current
[*]Hp Max
[*]Org Physic Atk
[*]Org Magic Atk
[*]Org Physic Def
[*]Org Magic Def
[*]Physic Atk
[*]Magic Atk
[*]Physic Def
[*]Cure Rate
[*]Vampire Rate
[*]Cur Rage
[*]Max Rage
[*]Forbiden Item
[*]Cure Atk
[*]Rage Atk
[*]Rage Rate
[*]Rage Locked
[*]Abyss Score
[*]Is Resurgence

[*]Battle Stats
[*]Is Filling Star
[*]Is Swapping Star
[*]Is Changed Cusor
[*]Can Touch
[*]Is Game Over
[*]Turn Current
[*]Turn Max
[*]Max Combo
[*]Total Created Super Star
[*]Total Created Primary Star
[*]Total Created Advanced Star
[*]Triple Sound Index
[*]High Level Combo
[*]Super Combo
[*]Dispel Abnormal Count
[*]Num X
[*]Num Y
[*]Is Abyss
[*]Is Mouse Clicking
[*]Double Click Timer
[*]Mouse Click Count
[*]Double Clicked Mouse
[*]Is Pause Game
[*]Guide Step
[*]Total Abyss Score
[*]Total Abyss Gold
[*]Loaded Save Abyss
[*]Is Loaded Save To Init Role
[*]Cur Abyss Level
[*]Cur Abyss Index
[*]is Box Dead
[*]Is Inited Star Table
[*]Has Falled Star
[*]Challenge Rank

[*]Money and Unlocks (Open Shop)
[*]Unlock Girls (change everything to 1) - May Bug Out Save File
[*]Max Battle And Max SM (Set all Values to 200) - May Bug Out Save File

[*]SM Mode
[*]Txt Over
[*]Red Num
[*]Green Num
[*]Click N
[*]Click Prop Id
[*]Select Prop Id
[*]In Play
[*]Sm Over
[*]Red N
[*]Green N
[*]Num Step
[*]Total Num
[*]Is Nude
[*]Good N
[*]Normal N
[*]Good SM
[*]Pain N
[*]Pain Normal N
[*]Pain SM
[*]Sm CG 2
[*]Pop Pos
[*]Cg Id
[*]Click Acea Id
[*]Play Num
[*]Play CG Num

[*]Make Love Bonus Round
[*]Play Love CG
[*]Last Pos
[*]Score Timer
[*]Mouse Stop Timer
[*]Check CG
[*]Is Play
[*]Cg Num
[*]Pop Pos
[*]Move Spd
[*]Free Btn Idx

Author: Yellowsub

The source of information - Mirror

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