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Moero Chronicle: Table for Cheat Engine {Sekai Neko}

Rub Points
How many Enemys you defeated
How many times you Bumping Scratch girls (only in inn counts for achievement)

Increase how many items you have (so you won't get items from nothing, like you have 3 items in slot 1, all you will be able to do is increase/decrease how many you have in that particularly item slot)

H Monster (pets), there is way too many, way useless. The moment you add value to any, you will get that pet. HOWER for the achievement, you need to encounter them in battle. So in folder Pet - All you can set them to 1+ and see for yourself what you want. For me, it was the last 6 (especially enconter down all the time)

Thir exp
HP (max value is 9.999 but depending of Job, HP penalty is applied so they end up with HP like 8.999)
Affection (heart - doesn't affect the main story if you want any of them or not, so no need to wait. You get the achievement once all are maxed affection (1.000) regardless if you saw the events or not)
How to get max Stats ( Stat penalty applies depending on jobs, so a mage won't have 9.999 attack or max AGI of 255, usually). 1: Set Exp to 50.000.000 ( 50000000 - way over the top but whatever). Set the Level to 0 and free. And just battle whatever goes around. You will max out your stats in a few battles and HP and MP in a couple of battles - and yes, I did not manage to find the green value for anything other than HP). Bonus? If you wish to see max exp a girl need for max level (99), set Level to 98 and Exp to 0 and you'll see exactly how much exp is needed for her to level up (so from 1 to 99)

Author: Sekai Neko

The source of information - Moero Chronicle

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