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Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom: Table for Cheat Engine {MaximusArg1982}

To use:

1. Attach to Launcher64.exe
2. Make sure you're IN GAME, not on the start screen.
3. Activate the "Activate" cheat and it will find the pointers(takes a few secs for me) for the following variables you can modify or freeze:
Life, current life (Each heart is *8, i.e: you have 6 hearts => 6*8 = 48, 10 hears => 10*8 = 80)
Gold, the amount of coins you have
Fire, fire magic charges
Boomerang, boomerang charges
Whirlwind, whirlwind magic charges
Lightning, lightning magic charges
Bomb, bombs charges

Author: MaximusArg1982

The source of information - Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom

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