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Monster Girl Club Bifrost: Table for Cheat Engine v1.13 {ImpalaPUA}


-Infinite Actions
-Infinite Items
-Infinite Stamina (Only works during training)
-No Stamina Decrease (prostitution)
-Infinite Mental (Only works during training)
-No Mental Decrease (prostitution)
-Infinite Pride (Only works during training)
-Infinite Unexperienced (Only works during training)
-Instant Rest During Prostituion (Enable Both)
--Instant Rest (prostitution - Timer)
--Instant Rest (prostitution - Available)

*NOTE* Instant Rest (prostitution - Timer) may not work on any version, if thats the case, you will still be able to choose the monster even though shes greyed out, just don't enable it and enable the other

Author: ImpalaPUA

The source of information - Monster Girl Club Bifrost

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