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Fixed the issues with Insect Glaives.
When the Hunter Equipment Inventory Editor's current selection is an Insect Glaive, if the Kinsect Index points to an invalid index, it'll set it to be the same as the one that's equipped.
If THAT also points to an invalid index (which can only happen through editing), it'll find another valid Kinsect in the Equipment Inventory and sets both to that one.
If there aren't any Kinsects in the inventory AT ALL (which also can only happen through editing), then it finds the first empty slot and creates a Culldrone there and sets both to that. (And if your Hunter Equipment Inventory is full, as in, all 1000 slots occupied, you are doing something very VERY wrong.)

Same thing with the Arena Equipment.
If the current Arena weapon is an Insect Glaive, the Kinsect Index will be set to the Arena's Kinsect slot.
If the Arena Kinsect slot is empty, it'll create a Culldrone there.

For Bowguns and Kinsects that also use the same bytes as the Kinsect Index, if the value there is outside the normal range, it'll reset it to -1:"None".


Author: Berserk Knight

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