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Monster Hunter: World - Table for Cheat Engine (CODEX and STEAM) {predprey}

Proof of concept solution for integrity check crashes by recalculating valid hashes. Should work on both CODEX and STEAM version, more importantly the former because StealthEdit is in conflict with CODEX's routines.

Note to table makers:
1. Use I2CETableCEA.autoAssembleFile for assembling AA scripts. This is required so that the rehash() function can be called only after the script has been assembled.
2. Register all hooking points as symbols then pass in all symbol names to the "update()" function.
3. The update() function is used for finding all checked blocks that have been affected by the hook points.
4. In order to use the "update()" function, registered symbols must not be unregistered in the [DISABLE] section of the autoassembler script.
5. Alternatively, if you wish to unregister symbols for cleaner operation, the rehash() function can be directly used for recalculating hashes if you know exactly which blocks are affected by your script. e.g. rehash(hashTable[18])
6. To list all hashed blocks, their offsets and their size, use Lua script below:


for i = 1,#hashTable do
 print("Block "..i)
 print(string.format("Hash Addr: %X", hashTable[i].offset))
 print(string.format("Block Start: %X", hashTable[i].blkStart))
 print(string.format("Block End: %X\r\n", hashTable[i].blkStart + hashTable[i].blkSize))

7. There may be a really small chance an integrity check triggers while activating the script before the hash has been updated. To prevent crashing due to this pause the game process using CE before activation and deactivation.


Author: predprey

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