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Monster Hunter: World - Table for Cheat Engine v21.2 (Steam) {SeiKur0}

Right now I do have:

>Infinite Track Gathering
>Monster Tracks 100% collected (lvl 3 scoutfly)
>Capture/kill all large monsters
>Capture/kill all small monsters

>Have all cantine items (non-permanent)
>Reveal all map locations (activate before mission)

>Selected equipment editor (weapon/armor)
-weapons: damage/sharpness/quality/affinity
-armors: defense/resistances/skills

>Selected mission reward editor (you can't add "wrong" items with that)
>Selected investigation (*)
>Selected quest

-right now the same as equipment editor really, but will also have hp/endurance/decoration skills, maybe equipment appearance in the future

-palico name
-hunter rank (*)
-hunter xp
-palico xp
-research points
-play time (s)
-lucky vouchers
-mission stats
-palico weapon proficiencies
-tailrider xp
-layered armor (*) (can brick your save, if you equip armors that aren't in the game yet, it's reversible though)
-player appearance
-palico appearance

>Item-Free Crafting & Infinite Items
>>>All armors craftable (*)
>Insta Quest-Complete (*) (if you skip cutscenes, you won't be able to help others in that mission later)
>Insta Quest-Return
>Insta-Complete Bounties (*)

>Gather specific item (*) (probably safe, but you never know, I won't spend time on removing ghillie mantles from your inventory )
>Catch specific pet

>All event quests always unlocked


Author: SeiKur0

The source of information - Monster Hunter: World

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