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Moonlighter: Table for Cheat Engine +8 u3 {Cielos}

god mode
damage multiplier
inf. consumable
free pendant
(new) free investment (table Update3)
(new) free forge/brew/enchant (table Update3)
sprint key

god mode
- you won't take damage at all.

- health still drop when damaged but you won't die.
- you stop taking damage when you have 1 health left.

damage multiplier
- damage dealt by you will be multiplied by the specified multiplier.
- x? default: 2.

inf. consumable
- consumable item's quantity won't drop below one when consumed.

free pendant
- as title suggests, you don't need any gold to use the pendant.

free investment
- allows you to upgrade town and shop via the town board regardless of the current gold you have.
- gold still drop until it reaches zero when you upgrade.

free forge/brew/enchant
- allows you to forge equipments, brew potions or enchant equipments regardless of the current gold and the required ingredients' quantity you have.
- gold and the required ingredients' quantity still drop until they reach zero when forge/brew/enchant.

sprint key
- when activated, hold the mod key to sprint.
- you can choose from SHIFT (default), CTRL, ALT, or CAPS LOCK as the sprint mod key, provided in the dropdown list.


Author: Cielos

The source of information - Moonlighter

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