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Mortal Shell: Table for Cheat Engine {sanitka}


master values for Tar & Glimpse are the ones used in the Inventory
-- after a modification in CE you will see your values in the Inventory only
-- when the value changes in game then it is propagated to all places (Inventory, GUI, etc.)
--- you might see +101 glimpses after you added 100 manually and then picked 1

- ENABLE only when a savegame is loaded
- do not use freeze-value as the game changes location of variables often thus freezing a wrong part of memory usually leads to crash - instead give yourself enough health and damage multiplier to survive and have fun
- if you have not inhabited the shell yet you cannot modify its glimpses 

24/8 V 0.8
- added game info (Build / Revision)
- tested with Rev 1.09227

- Tar is usable by all shells
- Glimpses are bound to a specific shell (ie. when you get a new shell your glimpses will be 0)

Author: sanitka

The source of information - Mortal Shell

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