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Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord - Table for Cheat Engine v1.4.0 {tfigment}

Given the problems everyone has in general I dont actually know if they will work for everyone but they work for me and so I'll share and maybe they will work for others.

Note that nearly all of them have prerequisite actions before they will enable (this is because the .NET code is JIT compiled on the fly when accessed first time).

The Max Morale and Double Speed just need to have map loaded once.

To Zero Weight, First Open Inventory (to load the code) then reload the game (really). The game has bugged algorithm for calculating weight overburden which is redone on load.

Persuasion dialog critical success require you to actually have made a choice and succeed or failed. When active all subsequent choices will all be critical successes.

Combat Invulnerability requires entering combat first. Does not apply to simulated combat. Note that it actually flips the invulnerable flag. If you want to disable in same session then change the Enable to 0 before deactivating the cheat. Pretty sure the invulnerable flag is only active for one combat.

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