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NBA 2K19: Table for Cheat Engine {badmayo}

Just got started in the game and still learning how to use CE. this is for MyCareer only.

I manage to make some pointers, hope it works on your end. try not to go above with "Minimum with ball speed .30", the dribbling gets wonky  

game default is = 0.5 || set value = 1 (never miss a shot) just don't pull any steph curry midcourt 3. 


make sure your "Shot" is based on "timing" , table doesn't work if shot is based on %.

I have to pause game, run CE table set value 1, go back to the game and unplug controller, plug controller back in. weird  I know, but it's the only way for game to some how register new value.

Author: badmayo

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